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is more than just cooking... it is a lifestyle!

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healthy recipes for your children
Hello and welcome to the Mom-a-licious community! This site is dedicated to the wonderful chef Domenica Catelli, author of the cookbook, Mom-a-licious! I've created this community to share nutritious scrumptious recipes that our kids will love! Do you have a recipe to share????

What to Post?
1. Healthy Food Recipes.
2. Recipes for fun! Post an activity you did with your child or something you think others might enjoy. It could be recipes for children to do, food projects, games, art, etc ...
3. Articles or product information on food.
4. If you have questions please feel free to post and ask :)

Helpful Information
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Recommended cookbooks
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Mom-a-licious Manifesto

1. Know what is in your food and where it comes from – if an ingredient
has more than four syllables, it probably doesn’t belong in the human

2. Eat and serve local and organic as much as possible.

3. Grow something fresh and use it – whether you have a large garden or
one potted herb.

4. Resist tantrum-folding (caving in) when your child fights you over a
vegetable, bed time, or the sugary cereal they must have.

5. Style is personal expression, use it. Whether it’s wearing signature
pearls or vibrant green when the fashion magazines are trying to
convince you that mauve is a must-have, make a statement that is
uniquely “you.” Show the world who you are!

6. Revive family traditions – they are your family’s unique mark on the
world; no one else has the same take on food, celebrations, crafts,
song, dance, and gatherings.

7. Have fun with your kids. The best part of having kids is feeling young
again: laughter, goofiness, playing hide & seek, and Saturday-morning
kisses. Avoid over-programming. Sure, you are stressed, just don’t let
them feel it.

8. Go out with your friends regularly, let off steam, make memories, and
come home grateful for your family.

9. Be and advocate for your family: make healthy food choices, set aside
dedicated time together, spend time in nature, and turn off the TV and
really connect.

10. Learn something new about something that scares you. Is it kale that
scares you? Or public speaking? Read voraciously, and ask questions.

11. Make quality time for your beloved. You have picked each other for a
reason, so take time to nurture and rejuvenate your connection.

12. Tell someone they inspire you, whether it is your mom, your child, your
cousin, or someone you have been too intimidated to approach – we
need to support one another.

13. Get out of any ruts and get moving. Not exercising enough, watching
too much TV, or going through the drive-through for dinner? Make the
needed changes and live your best life, today.

14. Ask for help. Whether it is folding laundry, doing errands, or picking up
the kids from school – you are not alone and your friends want to help.
Giving is good for us, and letting others give to us is sometimes the
best gift we could offer them.

15. Make time to build health and strength – we want to be around to enjoy
our kids and set the example that health is essential. Plus, it is fun and
energizing to get your body moving!

16. Live with gratitude. Whether it is taking time when you wake up, before
you eat or at the end of the day, take note of your blessings and give

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